Babies are a Hoot!

Babies are a hoot!!!  I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law who had an adorable little girl last September.  She is beautiful, her dad is wonderful, and her momma is excellent as well!  The party was a lot of fun, and gave me courage to start baking here and there.  These were my very first attempt at icing cookies and using them at a party.  Everyone was very complimentary… however, I don’t think they tasted very good.  But, since we live in the South everyone was very polite and I didn’t even hear one “Bless her heart…!”   (Rest assured, I’ve adopted an excellent tasty recipe since these.)

At the party I served a lunch that was inspired by the first lunch my SIL and I had together at the Puffy Muffin.  For dessert we had these iced cookies, a cute cake and some simple pink cake pops.  The beverages were home-made lemonade in “Kerr” jars with pink & white striped paper straws  (love them!).  For decorations I made a diaper wreath for the front door which served as a gift for the new parents.  We also decorated with monogrammed (South, y’all) onesies and fancy pants that my talented friend Liz made.  For the finale I made party favors that were owl cake pops that had a ribbon tied to them reading “Babies are a Hoot!”

It was a very fun day, and I’m so happy Anna Lane is finally here.  So is Gooey who likes to mother her as much as we’ll let her!

(Note- the pictures are pretty bad… wasn’t thinking of a blog at this point!)



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