Luau “Four” Lucy!

My good*sweet*kind friend (I kinda think she’s great) threw a luau party “four” her daughter Lucy, who was turning… wait for it… four!!!  Altough she had already made delicious chocolate chip and m&m cookies, she let me bring these luau cookies.  I saw these awhile ago on Glorious Treats, and shamelessly copied her- right down to the presentation on the platter.  Hey, if someone has a pretty idea I’m going to roll with it.  It was so much fun making them!!  I’m glad I had somewhere to take them.

(Speaking of copying, I’m thinking of doing these cute “cupcakes” by Bakerella for the 4th of July, or these patriotic cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle.  Two of my favorite blogs to copy follow.  When I grow up I hope to be like these baking inspirations!)

It was a wonderful start to the long weekend.  My kids had a blast, and we were so happy to help the birthday girl celebrate.  Stay sweet, Lucy!  We love you!

Happy Memorial Day, and Happy Fourth Birthday, Lucy!

(p.s.  I think my photography is getting a bit better here… I’m in awe of food stylists and still life photographers.  It’s harder than it looks.  But, then again, they probably don’t have three cute kids running around trying to “help” while they are “working”!)


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