Snobby Bunnies and Funny Rabbits

After much fumbling and giving up, and not having enough time to figure this out…. here I am!  Ta-da!!!  I have a blog.  Hip-hip-hooray!  While this might be ordinary for most, it is a goal of mine I have finally achieved.  I might just tell everyone I meet today… watch out mailman/grocery worker/dry cleaner friend… you get to hear about my blog!  🙂

I first came to love blogs about a year ago when I stumbled across Bakerella’s cookbook (she is the spark that started my baking creations & online learning!).  It mentioned her blog.  “Her what?”  I thought.  I gave it a go on the computer, and about four hours later I was hooked!  Through various cooking blogs I have learned so much and feel like there is a whole school online available to me- for FREE!  So, here I am, a year later, trying it myself.  Turns out most people have a blog.  So I’m late on the uptake here, but at last I’ve arrived!  (By the way, how people have learned how to manage a blog on top of daily life is beyond me!  You rock!)

Anyway, since my attempt will be to center this blog on my baking hobby, I wanted to share what I baked for Easter.  We had a lovely time with my family visiting as well as my brother’s in-laws visiting.  It is an Easter tradition I’ve come to love.  I think everyone is happy I have moved on from attempting the 3-D bunny cake (I pout because mine never looks like Williams-Sonoma’s, and the cake is so tough it would crack concrete I’m sure) and stick with cake pops and iced cookies.  My mom also brought a coconut cake that was, with a sweet story behind it.  I will be attempting that one soon as well!  So, here are my snobby bunnies, funny rabbits and happy butterflies.  (I don’t have any pictures of the cute little chick cake pops I made, and I will be working on my photography skills… but at least you get the idea.)

Happy (late) Easter!


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