Swings, Smiles and… Sprinkles!!!

My sweet little baby girl turned TWO a few weeks ago.  Ah, sad and happy at the same time.  I’m sure all mothers experience these mixed emotions as their children grow.  I cry when I have to change out their wardrobes because they’ve outgrown their clothes, and I cry because managing three childrens’ wardrobes is…a…never-ending….process.  I keep telling my fashion-savvy mother to take over this job for me…and while she’s so helpful it’s still up to me to go through the ordeal of tucking away the jeans they wore a hole in because they drag one leg when they crawl, or their favorite t-shirt that’s starting to look a little thread-bare.  So with each birthday I am proud that we can celebrate a year accomplished as well as the year ahead, but I’m also sad that time is flying by so incredibly fast!  I keep telling my children I’m going to freeze them- just they way they are now.

We celebrated her big day early at a park, in the rain, in the cold, with some great friends who are willing to show up in the rain, in the cold, and eat a cupcake with the birthday girl.   After only an hour an a half of shivering (no biggie), and one short rain shower, the sun came out and the end of the party was enjoyable (once we dried off the slides and convinced the children that the swings wouldn’t freeze to their bottoms).  So, thank you to all my wonderful friends who make us feel so loved.  I hope none of you have fevers and chills on account of the birthday weather!   We managed to put down close to 60 cupcakes, and between only about 25 people- that is impressive!  Thank you!

The party favors were the iced cupcake cookies, and also a Goo-Goo cluster… as the birthday girl is affectionately known by most as “Gooey”!


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