It’s a Brownie, It’s a Cupcake… It’s a Hamburger?!

Brownies, frosting, cupcakes, sugar cookies… and hamburgers!  What could be more American?  I, of course, being the perpetual copier… got the idea/inspiration/instructions from Bakerella.  If you’d like to make these also, visit her website for the play-by-play.  Although they look like mini-hamburgers, they are actually delectible little desserts assembled to resemble the meal that makes us all so happy. (get it, happy meal?)

After seeing these, I whipped them up on the spot and took them up to the pool last summer for Father’s Day.  My husband actually liked them, and he doesn’t really have a sweet tooth (I know… how are we compatabile is beyond me!).  If you are looking for a fun summer treat, these are easy and a big pleaser with the family.  I also made this cake one Fourth of July, which earned me “Most Creative” in the annual baking contest.  However, this summer I will be going for the gold, baby.  I plan on telling my brother & his wife the wrong time/date of my in-laws annual party, so they won’t be there to compete.  Hahahahaha….that trophy is mine!  (yes, I’m THAT competitive… but still have not won yet!)


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