Cardiac Cookies for the American Heart Association

Well, I’m back. I took the summer off from blogging, and somewhat from baking. It was a very short summer now that we’ve gone to year-round school. We packed in the pool, trips to grandmothers, and a quick trip out West! However, I managed to bake a few things although I didn’t get pictures of them all.
I kicked off the summer with these cookies for the American Heart Association.

My fun-loving, wonderful neighbor is a cardiac nurse AND a full-time mom to two great kids. Her nursing unit was hosting a bake sale to raise money for the American Heart Association, so I was all-in. I mean, let’s ALL get behind this organization! Don’t we all have a heart that needs taking care of? I am a part-time Health Coach at the Y, and I tell my clients all the time: get in here for your heart!! Exercise for your heart first, and one of the added bonuses is weight loss! So, I made these cookies.  (I would reference where I got the inspiration, but I can’t remember the blog right now!)…

On a personal note, the American Heart Association is something I support because heart disease runs in my family. My dad, my granddad, my beautiful cousin… everyone has a heart that needs taking care of. Here is my gorgeous, sweet cousin, Abbye. She is featured in this film about the future of heart health care/inventions. It’s mind-blowing. (She’s the cute blonde in the beginning.) She has congestive heart failure at 26, and she’s been through… A LOT. God didn’t give her a very strong heart, but he did give her one of the sweetest and biggest hearts in Texas.

So, there you go! Cardiac Cookies. If you’d like to donate to the American Heart Association, you can do so here.  Oh, and if you’re up for it find out where you can get your CPR certification too!


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