Evan is Seven!

Our new neighbor had his 7th birthday party this summer.  It was a blast!  A bouncy house, hot dogs, a ball toss game… ice cream, cake… my kids were in heaven.  I have been itching to bake something lately, and since I’m trying to cut back on my sweets, I jumped on the chance to make him some cookies.  His mom had already gotten him an awesome Sponge Bob cake, as well as ice cream.  But, she was nice enough to let me crash her desserts with my cookies.  They are the kindest, most laid-back family and I am so very glad they moved on our cul-de-sac!  I am looking forward to many more memories with them- our children are the same ages, we all like to ski in Snowmass… and they are just plain COOL!  🙂  Evan is a big baseball player, and he’s pretty good from what I hear.  Maybe one day we’ll make it out the ballpark to cheer him on!

(Oh, I threw in the Hawaiin shirt design because his dad grew up in Hawaii, and I wanted to see if I could make them.  Kinda weird to include them in the baseball design, and I just realized I never explained why I did that…)


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