Easter 2013

Hippity Hop! I think Easter cookies are some of my most favorite cookies to make. I love the white on white, the pastels, the delicate details, and my kitchen smelling of sugar and ham at the same time! This year our normal tradition of hosting the family Easter get-together did not happen due to various obligations by our family. So, we had some of our “Nashville Family” over to step-in. We are so very thankful for their friendship and laughter. We became friends over five years ago through a church playgroup. While the kids are growing up, attending different schools, and pulling us in all different directions- the one thing that hasn’t changed is our friendship. I will be friends with these ladies and their families until long after the playgroup has been tearfully sent off to college. We will still get together for dinner, pray for one another, and be there to fill in as family when I am missing mine!
I pretty much made the same cookies as last year, because I liked them so much! I did add some crosses and some polka dot Easter eggs. The kids were undaunted by the downpour of rain, and still got out to hunt eggs with the parents watching from the covered porch. Overall it was a memorable Easter with wonderful friends!






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