Train Cookies

I was asked to make train cookies for a three year old’s birthday party. His mother texted me an image of the invitation, and I went from there. I did not realize how many different sections there are to a train cookie- but, duh. Trains are made of sections! To get the authentic train look, I did the different sections. Then I decided they needed to be outlined. Then I wrote one with his name on it, and decided that was pretty cute, so I did it to all of them. Then I decided they really needed wheels. Then I decided to stop!

I hope he liked them. Happy 3rd Birthday, Ryder!


ps. I have to get back on track of taking better cookie pictures. Lately I feel like all I have time to do is snap a few shots with my I-phone and off they go! How is life so busy?! I love it- the business, the fun, but I wish it would slow down a bit. Especially the part of my children growing up! I just want to freeze them. 🙂

pps. I finished up these cookies with the kids right next to me, listening to the tornado sirens. We had to take a time-out to snuggle in our safe spot until the sirens died down. This Spring has been crazy like that- nonstop rain, hot/cold weather, tornados… Flooding! Augh!


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