Footballs and Flowers

These cookies were very fun to make. My sweet friend said that she needed cookies for her twins’ birthday party. I readily volunteered, as I typically get the urge to just bake and bake. I think I must need a creative escape periodically! She is too kind and told me they were not picky as to what they wanted, and I should do whatever. She is so laid-back and very convincing of this! I WANTED to do Egyptian Pyramids and “My Little Pony” cookies, because when I asked her what they were “in” to, that’s what she said… but, turns out, I did NOT have time for that endeavor! However, I did find an awesome tutorial on My Little Pony cookies, I still want to attempt them one day. (My two girls LOVE “My Little Pony” and I know I would be a rock star to them if I could pull these off.) However, I hope these simple birthday cookies brought some fun to the twins’ birthday!

2013-05-03 Football and Flower Cookies May 2013 001


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