Anchor Down!!

AK vs Citadel

It’s no secret who we cheer for around here! Having cheered for Vandy for shh… won’t tell you how many years… and earnestly supporting the team even when they, ahem, were not the hottest SEC team to cheer for… we are PROUD to be Commodores in this house! I made these for my husband this past Father’s Day. I got a new helmet cutter from Sugar Drop and couldn’t wait to try it out. I think the jersey turned out cool too. He played for Vandy back in the day. Recently one of my son’s friends asked his mom if my husband would give him an autograph because he knows he used to play for Vanderbilt. I think that made my husband’s whole year! Additonally, he also helped launch the website Vandy Sports and wrote for them for a few years before we moved away. It’s a great website to keep up with recruiting, stats, and I go there mainly to copy down the football schedule into my calendar at the start of every season.

Now that we are back in town, we have season tickets and drag our little munchkins there to cheer for VU every home game. (Strategically we used to take them only to games where we were certain of victory so they would think it was cool and fun. Now they are IN and love to go win or lose!) It’s rubbing off too… my son chooses number 2 as “his” number in basketball/baseball/soccer because that’s Zac Stacy’s number! Adorable I tell you.

We are looking forward to an awesome season this fall with Coach Franklin. Keep it up, Coach. We love what you’re doing! I especially think the rumors that you called students’ houses to ask their parents to let them stay to watch us BEAT UT last Thanksgiving was right on! Get those kids in the stands! Anchor Down!



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