My Family’s Favorite Cookies…

My kids love my iced cookies- they do. I know they enjoy them and they cheer me on for each new design I attempt. They love to help decorate, help clean-up and will happily eat any broken cookiey they can… One in particular has even been known to squirt the left-over icing bag directly into his mouth… 🙂 However, my children’s absolute all-time favorite cookie is my mom’s chocolate chip cookie. This is what my youngest looks like as they are baking in the oven:


I grew up baking these with my mom all the time. We would whip up a batch or two for almost any occasion. Now that my mom is a grandmother, she makes absolutely CERTAIN that she has at least four batches of these in her hands when she knows she is going to see her grandchildren. I will tell them that Grandmother is coming for a visit. They will reply “ya-hoo! Is she bringing us cookies?” She has it down to an art. Just like she taught me that she keeps dog treats in her pockets so my brother’s dogs will like her… I’m not saying she treats her grandchildren like dogs, but she does know how to keep everyone happy by bringing the appropriate treats. Let’s hope she doesn’t get them mixed up one day.

Once I brought these to a cookout at a friend’s house. I like to fancy them up a bit by drizzling melted white icing and melted chocolate over the top. The one way my mom and I differ is that I make mine smaller and I love the icing on the top. She makes hers big and doesn’t prefer the icing. However, it made me feel awesome when my friend thought a professional had baked them. (And by professional I’m sure she meant someone who studied the culinary arts in France or something.) These cookies are seriously delicious. Every time I make them someone asks me for the recipe. Also, they are a comfort to me and to my family and they show how much my mom loves us that she bakes these for us at least once a month.




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