Taylor Girls!

Every year for the past 15 plus years my mother, her aunts, her sister and her girl cousins have reunited every summer for fun, food… and most of all TALKING! These ladies LOOOOVE to talk, play games, and just be with each other. Uncle Bill calls us the “Taylor Girls”. (By the way… Uncle Bill and Aunt Olean are a blog post all in themselves- what history, romance and adventure those two have had! I am going to have to make them some special cookies, just so I can share some of their story!)

My mom included me in this Taylor Girls party from the very beginning, and let me tell you- it is FUN! This year we met at my mom’s house, so I brought these Texas girls some cookies. They are all from Texas, every single one of them. Now two of them live outside of Texas, but they still claim Texas as home no matter what.

I am already looking forward to next summer in Arlington. Lana, maybe I will have to bring these Ranger Cookies just for you and the one who likes to wear her skirt over her head! 🙂





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