Getting back to the blog… (Dora’s up first!)

Hello there! It’s been quite a while! Many of you know we moved this summer, which was exciting, sad, hard and fun all at the same time. Isn’t that how it goes- all the big emotions at once- it’s a tad exhausting! We are finally getting settled little…by…little.. and the kids are still missing our old home a teeny-tiny bit. That makes me feel good in the fact that they have strong emotions tied to our little blue house, but I see I have some work cut out for me to make them feel at home in this somewhat larger casa we’ve taken on. We LOVE the neighborhood, the kids love their new school, and overall it’s been a good move for us. Now, I am happy to be back to the blog and wanted to share some baking I’ve done admist the move…
First up- these Dora cookies. I thought I had posted about them awhile ago, but I cannot find the post anywhere. So, here they are. These were a blast to make simply because my cutie patootie three year old was in heaven that Dora was in our kitchen. I loved seeing her smiles and hearing her oohs and aaahs over these. I imagined the little girl whose sweet mother ordered these for her birthday had a similar reaction. I hope it made her party special and brought joy to her day! I must thank my cookie idol,Sweet Sugarbelle, yet again for her detailed how-to on getting Dora, Boots and Star just right.

2013-05-16 Dora Cookies May 2013 001

2013-05-16 Dora Cookies May 2013 002

2013-05-16 Dora Cookies May 2013 003


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