I Heart Coffee

Yes, it’s true. I love coffee. I believe in all the studies that promote it’s health benefits, and completely ignore the studies touting otherwise. Life is short- let’s stay awake for it. Whoever came up with that saying is a smart cookie. 🙂

I grew up drinking coffee with my Grandmother Bette in the mornings I would stay at her house. My cousins and brother know what I’m talking about… She would fill the flower mug 3/4 full with milk, add about 3 Tbsp. of sugar, and then splash in some coffee. She told me that’s how she drank hers (she didn’t- hers was straight up black), and it made me feel so grown-up. I thought coffee was delicious! Well, until I had a real cup, sans all the sugar and milk- then I could not understand how or why anyone would put this into their body!

Now I know- it’s a comfort. It’s a ritual. It’s a shared experience between two friends. It’s a way to linger and stay longer after a delicious meal when no one is ready for the evening to end. It’s a way to network. It’s a necessity when you have a new baby, a midterm exam, or a large cookie order that is taking longer than you thought… It’s a deliciously fun part of life. As my friend said once he FINALLY tried a Starbucks mocha at the age of 28 after stubbornly declaring that he would NEVER drink coffee, “I’ve been handicapping myself for years!” (You know who you are, NRD!)

My sister-in-law and I were discussing as the weather turned cooler this October how much we look forward to our seasonal favorites, yet we could do without all the sugar in the coffees at Starbucks (Did I just say I could do without sugar? Who am I?!). However, I could also do without so much emptying of the wallet to buy them, thank you, Dave Ramsey… So I set about to try to make my own pumpkin flavoring for my afternoon latte (which I drink for the calcium….OKAY.OKAY…and because the kids are about to get home from school).

There are a ton of resources on the web, and they are all similar, easy to make, and a lot cheaper than visiting the coffee shop daily! The one I made for my sister-in-law was a little more organic-inclined since she is gluten free. I liked the Inspired Taste one a lot (maybe because it has 2Tbsp of sugar in it- ah, there. I’m back.) I also am trying to come up with a great peppermint one for my friend Haley- I haven’t perfected it yet…but you might get something besides almonds in your Kerr jar this year at Christmas if I do! You can google your favorite, but here are a few I found interesting…
Huffington Post
The Kitchn
Hip2Save (You can make this in your slow cooker…your house will smell amazing! I’m coming over!)

I also would like to add that living in Nashville has great perks. Get it…”PERKS”. There are several local coffee shops still standing, despite the world domination of Starbucks.
The Good Cup
Sam and Zoe’s Awesome chai tea by the way!
Bongo Java
Portland Brew
The Frothy Monkey
The Well
Cafe Coco
And many more, but these are the ones I’ve been to. Hey! Maybe I will have to visit these again, and all the others I’ve been wanting to try… Who’s coming with me?!

**Disclaimer- I googled the coffee picture. I am interested in becoming a coffee artisan, but am nowhere near this fancy when frothing milk. I copied the picture from alexandraresort.com- no idea where that resort is, but maybe I will have to go have some coffee there!**


One thought on “I Heart Coffee

  1. I love the memory you shared with your grandmother! Some of my favorite times as a kid were with my mom and the discussions we had while she had her 2 cups of morning coffee (I could never stand the taste of it until I had kids!).
    Please let me know if you come up with a great peppermint coffee recipe!
    Miss you!

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