Room In the Inn

Room In the Inn is a ministry in Nashville dedicated to sheltering the homeless. From November through March they rely on churches and volunteers to offer shelter for over 1,400 of those in need here in Nashville. Their mission is to provide not only shelter but a chance for recovery and community through spirituality. It is a wonderful outreach and I am thankful my church offers us the chance to be a small part of it.

I eagerly sign up to help with the meals each winter. This week I get to bring dessert. I chose to make an Oatmeal Cake out of my Nashville Junior League cookbook. It was in the “Family Favorites” section, and the description is “A Favorite Family Comfort”. The word comfort stuck with me. What are doing if not offering these men a sense of security and well-being through a time of chaos in their lives? If my small token of cake can fill them up with relief and coziness for just one night, and quite possibly remind them of a more hopeful time ahead, then I am grateful to be able to do so.

This delicious cake has a frosting that you broil- the look reminds me a bit of creme brulee- hence the burned look on top. All that carmelized sugar hides the healthy oatmeal inside! 🙂 My hope is that for one night these men find themselves in a warm, inviting atmosphere, secure in the hope that a community cares for them and they are not forgotten. Merry Christmas!

Snow Day 2013! 003

Snow Day 2013! 011


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