My cute cute neice is TWO!!

Yikes- I’ve neglected the blog for awhile; my little neice turned two in September! She is adorable- red, curly hair, an endearing smile, and she does a gentle little head bob to agree with everything Tia and Uncle Boo say… except recently she’s learned the word “no”, which, I also find equally as heart-melting.

I made these for her back in September. My wonderful friend and sister-in-law- on top of working for a non-profit, running their house, and being an all-around awesome mom (geez- she’s making me feel inspired!) threw the cutest yellow and white party for her. It was really sweet and just a lovely day all around. They have the nicest friends/family and I love going to their house to eat and par-tay. My kids love it too. Especially Gooey. I can’t wait for slumber parties in the future!

She was LOVING Elmo at the time, so it was Sesame Street central in their living room. I thought about making her Elmo cookies, but then I pictured a lot of little kids running around eating Elmo’s head off and having red icing all over their faces (and, okay…I might have even pictured them saying “grrr…” all in my head, all in my head), and quickly thought it might traumatize her instead of bringing joy to her big day! Plus, Elmo is kind-of furry which might look gross in red icing… So I went a different route to save us all the imaginary drama/therapy.

These cupcake cookies are some of my favorites to make, and I got to use some more wafer paper. My new favorite technique. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet little two year old girl! Tia loves you!!

Gentry's Pumpkin Patch 2013 042

Gentry's Pumpkin Patch 2013 045

Gentry's Pumpkin Patch 2013 046

Ahem, speaking of my sis-in-law… I beat her for the VERY first time in Scrabble this past Thanksgiving!!! After losing for roughly three-plus years!! Sooo, alrighty- there might have been some cheating involved on my part, but I think some of the words I used should be words (whatEVER, Webster.) & there was no challenge by her. Did I mention she’s also extremely kind-hearted?! She probably just let me win. šŸ™‚


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